Casadella: December 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hello, Hearthstone!

I got my magical Hearthstone Beta invite whilst procrastinating work on a Tuesday afternoon. I sprinted out the office door at 5.30, and got home in a record 8 minutes. I needed to cram in a quick test drive before maintenance started. 

However it was WoW patch day, and extended maintenance so I was denied. I got in a little bit of play yesterday after work, as well as this evening. I decided to break the bank and purchase the $2.99 set of packs that scored you the legendary as a thank you for testing the Beta store. I opened my packs and low and behold... A SECOND legendary card!! I am one happy camper! 

Before I got too excited and did a quick Google to investigate the future of said legendary card. There are no more planned Beta wipes, so fingers crossed that this bad boy should be able to come with me through into the live game upon release!


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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Quick Goal Progress Update

- Upgrade Cloudscorcher Greatstaff through running Siege of Orgrimmar LFR each week
             - Scored the new staff and boy is it ugly! 

- Save up 50k Timeless Coins to purchase Yu'lon's Bite (or score an upgrade in LFR)
             - Currently at 20,210. Haven't spent much effort on this one
- Finally finish What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been this forthcoming year. Fool For Love is next up, so I have until February to prepare myself. 
- Explore Pandaria - A nice easy one
- Zen Master Archaeologist - One profession I just haven't ever levelled
              - Currently 183/600

Also this finally happened... Bye Garrosh! 

I'm starting to look pretty bad ass now. Come at me, Gnome Haters!