Casadella: January 2014

Friday, January 31, 2014

Neri better be having a pink baby!

I bought some beautiful pastel colours (and a vibrant pink!) from Lion Brand last year.

They were half price and from the Martha Stewart Cotton Hemp range. I needed 12 balls to make the baby blanket I wanted to attempt, so the half price was a deciding factor! Below is the blanket, but in greens. Cute, yeah?

Find the pattern here
When the yarn arrived, I didn't love them texture like I normally did when buying from Lion Brand. It wasn't as soft (duh, read what you're purchasing; it's cotton?) so I never attempted the project. 

I saw some cool photos on The Crochet Crowd's Facebook page and decided I needed to learn how to do a never ending Granny Square blanket. I've decided for her that Mrs Neri is having a baby girl, and decided to use that inspiration for the blanket.

This isn't so hard at all! 

I'd made a couple of mistakes, but found it easy to unpick the stitching to remove the bad stitch, and then continue on. As always, I made a visit to my favourite YouTube channel Very Pink Knits and even though Staci is a master knitter, she has a video series "Crochet for Knitters" which are fantastic. If you're completely new to knitting or crochet (or a veteran looking to learn some different techniques), Very Pink is an awesome resource to get you going. 

It's starting to look like a blanket now! 

It's a bit crooked, but once I've finished, I'll block the blanket and it will end up neat and straight. No need to stress about those awkward corners just yet! 

Are you currently working on a crafty project?

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When life gives you lemons, pull out your copy of Photoshop or GIMP :)

What a whirlwind of a fortnight.

I got rejected for a job in a new career path I had been interviewing and sitting exams for since LAST OCTOBER.

I got depressed and resigned from my current job any way.

I bought a $3,000 bed that I now can't really afford to pay off.

I decided I'll go back and study. (I've had a full time job since I was 17. This shall be interesting)

And then I decided to get crafty.

On my way to the aforementioned job rejection, I popped in quickly to my Mum's farm to visit my cat, Rolly. (the job interview was slightly out of town, very close to the farm)

I took a few photos, as I do when I visit my Fatman, and one friend made a great comment on a seemingly normal photo.

Bitten by a combination of the inspiration bug and the rejection bug, I Googled random stock photos, double-clicked on GIMP and began to send "Air Rolly" on some adventures.

Much Space.
Very Fence.
Much Travel.

Very Bellagio.

So Dunk. 

Much WoW. Very Moonkin. 

Superior Fly. F**k U Cate Air.

Many romantic. 
Ok... So I got kinda carried away, but it also helped cheer me up and keep positive about my new path in life I had just thrown myself into.

Where do you think Air Rolly should adventure to next?

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Embarrassing photo alert!

What do most of the travel agents in our company do when attending a huge "Getting Wild in the West" costume party that people fly in all over the state to partake in? They dress as cowgirls! Or indians! There were even some gorgeous girls dressed as giant cactus plants (That totally make me think of Cactuar!).

Enjoy my 1000 Needle Attack!

There was a bull costume, there were some sexy sheriffs, horse costumes; but not our team. Oh no. We like to think outside of the box. We like to put a little more thought into these costume parties, like to push the boundaries. 

All 6 of us in our office, including our male Team Leader, decided we would be Prison Time Lindsay Lohan. A girl gone wild... and we live in the Midwest.
Lilo 4 lyfe!
I think my favourite part of the costume (and yes, I am that boring) was the comfort factor. I could wear comfy flip flops, I could actually enjoy the dinner and not stress that a meal was going to burst any skin-tight dress, didn't have to worry about checking my makeup wasn't smeared (because it already deliberately was!)

What a hot mess

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Jumping Jellybeans, it's already January!

I haven't had much game time at all due to an interstate Christmas holiday and being bedridden with the latest virus going around. I have, however managed to make some progress on my Warcraft goals.

- Save up 50k Timeless Coins to purchase Yu'lon's Bite (or score an upgrade in LFR) Currently at 20,210. 23,052 Still haven't spent much effort on this one
- Explore Pandaria - A nice easy one... that's now done!
- Zen Master Archaeologist - One profession I just haven't ever levelled...  until now 600/600
- Finally finish What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been this forthcoming year. Fool For Love is next up, so I have until February to prepare myself.
Newly added...
- Get Enchanting (currently 105/600) and tailoring (currently 186/600) to max by farming all the mats I need. No AH shortcuts
- Gear my druid up in a full resto set
- Experience Brawlers and see if I want to stick with it I finally decided to give Brawler's Guild a try, and it's quite fun! I have defeated the first four bosses, meaning I am now a fresh Brawlers: Rank 2

I do love the sound of the crowd chanting my name ;)

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